The Olympics… it finally arrived and we hopped on the train down to London for the day. We arrived early and before we headed over to the Olympic Park we stopped at the Westfield shopping centre as I had heard about the Liberty pop up shop.


The Westfield was very patriotic with British flags everywhere and even a mini with a flag painted on the roof on the side of a building. As we came to Liberty’s we found part of the Australian team having pictures outside with the plastic beefeater guards; they were clutching onto their ‘portable bar’ (beer) full of laughter and we couldn’t help feel our day would have been very fun if we had tried to tag along with them.

The park itself was vast and felt oddly like a theme park – especially as the viewing tower looks a bit like a helter skelter to me! It was super windy but no rain, a little sun and there was a lovely feeling of anticipation and excitement about the people.

Around the park they had planted some of the prettiest flowers.

We had tickets for the swimming and had been watching it each evening on the tv seeing most of our swimmers only coming close but were still hopeful for a British medal whilst we were there. We had our flag ready – which turned out to be back to front for about half the time we were waving it – hopefully that wasn’t bad luck… But no British medal – the American and Chinese teams were just too good. We watched Phelps scoop up his 20th medal and we headed home able to say ‘we were there’.